Discover the historical significance of who lies buried at
Coleman-Leigh-Warren Cemetery

Thieves & Vandals
These open graves are not a
result of the second coming.
The walls tumbling down!
Destruction is everywhere.
Friends of Coleman-Leigh-Warren Cemetery
Hidden treasure?
Vandals think they will find buried
treasure or bones beneath the
grave covers.
Toppled column
The Benjamin H. and Mary Ann
Holmes Warren obelisk lies toppled
next to the monument base.
Friends of Coleman-Leigh-Warren Cemetery Inc. was duly incorporated under the
laws of the State of Georgia on 06/20/2006 by the filing of articles of incorporation in
the Office of the Secretary of State and by the paying of fees as provided by Title 14
of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated.

Notice of incorporation has been published in the appropriate legal organ of the county.

Now that the certificate of incorporation has been received, the initial filing listing the
officers of the new corporation will be filed within the
More News!

Friends of Coleman-Leigh-Warren Cemetery becomes a Domestic
Non-Profit Corporation
George L. Godman & Associates, Georgia Registered Land Surveyor,  
completes cemetery property survey
A field survey of the 1.10 acre Coleman-Leigh-Warren cemetery was completed
December 7, 2005. The plat for that survey was completed on June 17, 2006 and is
now in our possession.

Many thanks to
Robert Hunter (from the Warren family side) who initiated the
survey and carried through with the project to its completion. Also, a big thank you to
George L. Godman & Associates who conducted the field survey and produced the
updated plat.

The survey will serve as an important tool as we begin our restoration and
preservation project.

Begin asking yourself what lies beneath the ground in the rest of the 1.10 acre plot
outside that portion of the walled Coleman-Leigh-Warren portion of this 1.10 acre
tract. Surprising details to come at a later date. When it's all over, their is a distinct
possibility that Augusta-Richmond County history will need to be rediscovered in this
Grave slabs removed to warehouse
Local Richmond/Columbia County high school and Georgia Southern college students  
moved Coleman, Leigh and Warren marble slabs and fragments to a more permanent
storage warehouse Saturday, June 24. The slabs and fragments had been moved to a
temporary location to safeguard from vandalism until a more permanent storage
facility could be located.